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BSCWIN Bulls Announces the Launch of the Most Bullish NFT Community

BSCWIN Bulls Announces the Launch of the Most Bullish NFT Community

NEW YORK, NY / October 8, 2021 / Recently, BSCWIN Bulls has announced the Launch of Its NFT community. BSCWIN is a revolutionary cross-chain ecosystem that hosts the most advanced community driven decentralized predicting game and DAO. It consists of a community of 2000 NFT Bulls residing on the Ethereum blockchain network. BSCWIN offers the most sustainable and fully decentralized predicting game and a NFT DAO that aims to secure financial freedom to its members – The BSCWIN Bulls.

“In an ocean of new upcoming pfp projects it’s good to see one that has an actual innovative and working product. Also, the Art is really amazing and everybody is a Bull. With $BSCWIN launching at just 135k mcap this is a launch one doesn’t want to miss. Closest competitors are at 30x that valuation and not showing nearly the same potential of BSCWIN Bulls”, said by Advisor & Popular Crypto Influencer – Crypto Pilot, Founder of Group Starship.

The Challenge with existing predicting games

Most existing predicting game projects implement a tax fee on each buy/sell transaction that fills a predicting game pool dedicated for predicting game payouts. Unfortunately, as soon as trading volume decreases significantly, the frequency of predicting game payouts falls, even ceases completely, which leads to a negative feedback loop and causes the failure of such projects?

The solution: BSCWIN

Instead of taxing each buy/sell transaction, the main BSCWIN contract retains full ownership of the liquidity pool and each time the predicting game is triggered, it removes equal amount of $BUSD and $BSCWIN tokens from the liquidity. The $BUSD tokens removed are sent to the predicting game winner, and the $BSCWIN tokens removed are burnt forever. To protect the liquidity while sustaining the desired frequency of predicting game payouts, the contract cannot drain more than a set threshold of the size of the liquidity each day. So, for example, if the threshold is 1% and the size of the liquidity pool is $2,000,000, the contract will pay $10,000 a day in $BUSD tokens to predicting game winners and will burn a total of $10,000 a day in $BSCWIN tokens.

The aforementioned mechanism has several advantages:

Predicting games will be triggered regardless of trading volume. Holders will not have to worry about new investors joining to sustain the project.

Removing $BSCWIN-$BUSD from the LP does not affect the price of $BSCWIN

The mechanism also ensures that the project’s liquidity will never be wasted or locked forever; at the worst case scenario, LP will be completely drained and funds will be distributed among BSCWIN holders in a fair and decentralized manner.

$BSCWIN will be burnt during each predicting game, which effectively renders it deflationary with increasing price floor.

NFTs and the BSCWIN Bulls DAO

Each BSCWIN Bull NFT is unique and algorithmically generated from over 80 possible traits and part of a collection of only 2000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Out of the 2000 BSCWIN Bulls NFTs, 50 will be distributed randomly to BSCWIN predicting game winners. These 50 Lucky Bulls, apart from being very scarce, will bear special lucky attributes.

The remaining 1950 BSCWIN Bulls NFTs will be obtained through a standard minting process.

Each BSCWIN Bull Member will be able to propose, vote and execute initiatives regarding the BSCWIN ecosystem and the investment strategies of the DAO wallet assets.

The DAO treasury will be funded with all taxes from secondary sales on OpenSea and transactions of BSCWIN token. In addition, BSCWIN Bull members will earn passive income based on the number of BSCWIN Bulls they hold and the funds accrued in the DAO treasury.


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