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Crypto DeFi Gets a Unique Stablecoin, Here Comes the FHUD


Introducing FHUD, FantOHM’s stablecoin. The Crypto Market has evolved from being a store of value only, which was originally presented as a hedge against inflation. After years of progress in blockchain technology, dynamic use-cases further expand financial flexibility for investors. Decentralized Finance, otherwise known as DeFi, is a mechanism in which this can be achieved by giving users access to financial instruments that are not bounded or restricted by the usual limitations found in the fiat system. Stablecoins that are pegged to fiat e.g USD, have technologically innovated a method to bridge Fiat and crypto in a manner that allows for returns to be locked if so desired, and unique use-cases that generate returns that can be quantified.

Figure 1: Crypto Defi Gets a Unique Stablecoin, Here Comes The FHUD

FantOHM DAO is a DeFi project that has innovated itself into being one of the few successful yield generating organizations that incorporate this systematic approach. While creating revenue for its holders, through investments, partnerships, bonding, and staking the organization has expanded its footprint by creating a revolutionary Stablecoin called FHUD.

FHUD utilizes a method known as proof of burn to cement its conceptual value of $1 which originated from the burning of FantOHM’s traded token FHM at a moment in time. Proof of burn is a concept whereby a coin is destroyed at a specific point in time whereby the value is recorded in a receipt. This receipt is also a recorded value of the change in supply. Cryptocurrencies find that their value is determined by a similar supply and demand methodology as found in technology stocks.

The use of this concept has allowed FantOHM to give its treasury value in a manner that is unique by giving versatility to its investment division. Defi projects of this nature rely heavily on the growth of their treasury via a basket of assets, to give a Book Value to their traded tokens. This has been exceptionally appealing to investors coming from a traditional stock and bonds background, dipping their toes into crypto as the book value concept is understood well by fundamental investors.

The open market tradability of FHUD will not only give the FantOHM project further versatility in expanding its treasury growth for its investors but also further expand its reach in business and consumer relations. This will ultimately give FantOHM access to use-cases never seen before by DeFi projects and thus bring about a revolutionary change to bridging crypto and Fiat like never before. Thus pushing the boundaries of crypto adoption into everyday use-cases.

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