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Introducing BSCWIN – The Lottery Ticket that never expires

Introducing BSCWIN - The Lottery Ticket that never expires

BSCWIN aims to provide the most sustainable fully decentralized lottery on the BSC network.

NYC, USA, Sept. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — It is designed to provide lottery payouts to users without the need to sustain trading volume using an advanced liquidity-lottery payout mechanism. Launching at a market cap of $135,000 USD on Binance ChainPre-sale is currently ongoing.


The Challenge with Existing Lottery Projects

Most existing lottery projects implement a tax fee on each buy/sell transaction that fills a lottery pool dedicated for lottery payouts. Unfortunately, as soon as trading volume decreases significantly, the frequency of lottery payouts falls, even ceases completely, which leads to a negative feedback loop and causes the death of such projects.

The Solution: BSCWIN

Instead of taxing each buy/sell transaction, the main BSCWIN contract retains full ownership of the liquidity pool and each time the lottery is triggered, it removes equal amount of $BUSD and $BSCWIN tokens from the liquidity. The $BUSD tokens removed are sent to the lottery winner, and the $BSCWIN tokens removed are burnt forever. To protect the liquidity while sustaining the desired frequency of lottery payouts, the contract cannot drain more than a set threshold of the size of the liquidity each day. So, for example, if the threshold is 1% and the size of the liquidity pool is $2,000,000, the contract will pay $10,000 a day in $BUSD tokens to lottery winners and will burn a total of $10,000 a day in $BSCWIN tokens.

The afore mentioned mechanism has several advantages:

  • Lotteries will be triggered regardless of trading volumeHolders will not have to worry about new investors joining to sustain the project.
  • Removing BSCWIN-BUSD from the LP does not affect the price of $BSCWIN
  • The mechanism also ensures that the project’s liquidity will never be wasted or locked forever; at the worst case scenario, LP will be completely drained and funds will be distributed among BSCWIN holders in a fair and decentralized manner.
  • $BSCWIN will be burnt during each lottery, which effectively renders it deflationary with increasing price floor.

BSCWIN Winners Expected Earnings

Size of Liquidity Pool / Daily Distributed / Earnings per Lottery Win
$50,000 / $500 / $125 (USD)
$100,000 / $1000 / $250 (USD)
$500,000 / $5000 / $1,000 (USD)
$1,000,000 / $10,000 / $2,500 (USD)
$10,000,000 / $100,000 / $25,000 (USD)


Project Reviews

According to Crypto Influencer, Crypto Pilot, the project Tokenomics are very fair designed and constitute a great opportunity for early investors:

“Launching at a market cap of just $135,000 puts $BSCWIN at a possible valuation of 30x in comparison with other equivalent lottery projects such as previous $LUCKY or $WHENLAMBO ATH of $4,000,000. In addition, their lottery winning odds are much greater than traditional lotteries.

Imagine on top of a profitable valuation you still won a lottery; the potential is immense. “

Stay tuned to BSCWIN’s social media to learn more about our project and get in early!

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