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KronicKatz Announces Their Upcoming Updates and Partnerships Focusing on the Growth of the Project


Illinois, USA, 5th January 2022, KronicKatz has been extremely focused on developing its NFT platform. As the project developers realize the extent of the competition within the current digital market, KronicKatz has made sure that their idea of building, developing, and teaching blockchain, crypto, and NFT tech and their assorted system is carried out to perfection. Talking about how KronicKatz came into development under a set of distinctive goals and objectives, the platform presents the first “Metaversity” of the digital world. Not only does the project target NFTs and their development, but it also believes in teaching users the basic concepts of crypto, blockchain and the functions within. For this, KronicKatz is proud to present its first and metaverse-based educational platform.

With such distinctive and dignified objectives in the digital world, KronicKatz is surely here to make an everlasting statement that would lead them into the world’s most popular NFT platforms. The concept of ‘Metaversity’ seems quite confusing for many NFT users in the digital fraternity. As an answer to this query, KronicKatz aims to educate and make people aware of how to safely navigate, interact and invest on the blockchain. With a step-by-step hands-on learning environment, participants will be guided through a set of basic classes that will allow even the earliest of crypto investors to enter this space as safely and as educated as possible.  

KronicKatz has been building its platform simultaneously while working on the ‘Metaversity’ project. There have been a lot of considerable updates that the project has successfully countered. As the project builds up the passion and curiosity of NFT users with its objectives, KronicKatz Metaversity has successfully launched public minting of their NFTs KronicKatz with a mint price of 0.03 ETH. These NFTs will later be used as a form of tuition for access to the advanced level classes provided by the Metaversity. This gives holders of the NFT the ability to gain a return on their investment by renting the NFT to the general public at a rate of nearly $8,000 per year in some cases. The holder will retain 80% of the fee paid to them, the other 20% will go back to the Metaversity and be delegated accordingly.

KronicKatz has introduced a variety of updates related to their project’s details and operations. As Dustin Turska, the founder and creator of KronicKatz, introduced himself as the proud owner of this project; the world also came to know about how his wife, Haley Turska, leading the first-ever kid-friendly NFT marketplace featuring a safe environment under controlled conditions for guiding parents into helping their children provide input across a creative NFT environment. The project officially announced its goal to become the ‘first decentralized educational platform featuring access for kids and adults globally.’

While focusing on the Metaversity updates, KronicKatz has successfully initiated their free blockchain education classes across the Discord channel. Following this, the developers are encouraged to develop a VR-based specialized teaching environment to build a distinctive environment for teaching students. To ensure successful coverage of all desired goals and updates, KronicKatz has partnered officially with AstroZeroNFT, the marketplace where NFT project production and education will officially be held ElonOne, the native token of AstroZero, gasless NFT marketplace, and Blue Chimps, the welcoming community for those first onboard into the crypto-space. Together, they form the Super community who aims to make defi and NFTs a globally accepted currency, and empowerment to the NFT artist and community. 

To continue this exponential growth across the digital fraternity, KronicKatz is searching for volunteers to help lead instructions and design a curriculum that would be used for teaching users about NFT platforms. The project also focuses on building up partnerships in different fields for driving the operations and development of the platform, along with providing different teaching fields and guest speaker positions.

About the company:

KronicKatz is an NFT platform built to ‘teach’ users to move into a decentralized world. The project purposefully builds a platform that would provide users with NFT art to buy and hold and teach users of the initial concepts of blockchain technology. KronicKatz believes in building an inclusive community focused on a strong digital ecosystem, which can only come through the basic elements of teaching.

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