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Metakingdom, the First Epic Kingdom Game Updated Development Progress After Successful INO


Metakingdom, an epic encrypted NFT kingdom game has successfully closed its first INO with a revenue of $USD 518,420. The play-to-earn game made huge progress in 2021 and is now poised to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to fans of NFT gaming this year.

Metakingdom has numerous innovative features to bring play-to- earn mechanisms to the next level with a world of 20 alliances in the war world. The project kicked off for about 4 months now, gamers and traders communities have reached a certain level of knowledge about the war world with complicated attributes structure, making smart decisions on battle to maximize gamers’ earning.

In 2021, MetaKingdom’s core team members saw a hug potential of GameFi – a combination of blockchain technology, decentralise finance concepts and gaming. MetaKingdom’s team members are from different professional fields including cryptology, gaming, finance and ai etc, they aim to combine their professional and academic experiences into MetaKingdom and build a true vibrant community and fun to play game.

MetaKingdom contains both PVP and PVE standards. By operating and upgrading heroes and territorial kingdoms, players can continuously improve the kingdom’s level and military power, then lead their corps to conquer cities, seize treasures & resources, and obtain more heroes at the same time. Players are also allowed to form up and join the clan so that they will be able to suppress bandits, siege cities, kill monsters, and experience the fun of war with their friends and other players.

Mark Hopkins, CEO of Metakingdom attended Bitcoin 2022 in Miami in early April. “GameFi represents a fundamental shift in the gaming industry from silo’d value capture to the liberation of the player. The trend in software in general (including the gaming industry) is to create protocols and platforms with the intent on locking the user into an ecosystem they can’t easily break out of. GameFi is a disruptive change to this paradigm, encouraging users to freely come and go off the gaming ecosystem, which will ultimately enrich players and publishers alike.” Mr. Hopkins said. He also shared his view on Bitcoin’s price trend in 2022, “No one has a crystal ball to determine the price of Bitcoin, but I’m a cypherpunk, and a 10+ year veteran of the crypto space. I strongly believe in the transformative power of blockchain and bitcoin, and if we look around the world, businesses, countries, and individuals are all waking up to this fact and increasing their dependency on Bitcoin. This can only have a positive impact on the price. Anyone betting against Bitcoin on a 10-year time horizon is going to lose.”

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