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MetaWaferse Announces its Next IGO/IDO Launchpads Amidst its Inception in the Metaverse


MetaWaferse is the next-gen solution to the world’s first 3D restaurant metaverse, taking the concept of metaverse to greater heights. As a general conception, Metaverse is still in its early age of integration with the crypto space, which has been quite successful, thanks to projects such as MetaWaferse. There is a lot to learn about the project, from its features to use cases, that introduces itself as “The Sensory Metaverse.” MetaWaferse is in pursuit of improving itself while introducing multiple use cases in the market having a material purpose.

Metaverse is an expedited form of virtual worlds, where these concepts introduce multiple real-life concepts in digital form. Over the years, different real-life concepts have been introduced, worked on, and enhanced in the metaverse. MetaWaferse, to bring something new to the market, takes hospitality and user experience to the metaverse. To understand the basic structure and components of what forms MetaWaferse, take a deep look into the following details that explain the world’s first 3D restaurant metaverse.


MetaWaferse operates under its native token, $WAFERSE, responsible for all the purchases made across the platform. Architects are responsible for purchasing and lending land and retail space across the metaverse. All transactions are carried across $WAFERSE, the native token.


Idolizing entrepreneurs, Metapreneurs represent the entities of the metaverse that are in acquisition of innovation for implementing across the metaverse. They rent space from the Architects who have bought the land to reform their idea into a physical 3D form.


Metaverse operates through NFTs, digital assets that represent a unique entity. Designers in MetaWaferse are responsible for creating assets to be minted as NFTs across the platform. These NFTs are then used across the metaverse, which is generally based on helping out Vendors in MetaWaferse for designing their bars, restaurants, or shopfronts.


These people represent the community focused on buying different assets across the metaverse and commuting in different places as observant. Customers are one of the strongest sections of the metaverse responsible for the project’s consistency.

Other Roles

To operate a restaurant, a set of roles are required for effective services. These roles are purposefully designed to ensure the flow of the restaurant system. From chefs to bartenders, there are a lot of roles that subjectively set their position in the metaverse to make a consistent change in the processes. Adoption of such roles genuinely provides a significant improvement in the metaverse’s state.

What Does MetaWaferse Offer Its Consumers?

Talking about what this project has to offer to its consumers in the form of features, MetaWaferse has surely made a very strong and subtle position in the market. The project offers a virtual space to its users to set up online stores. While offering in-game goods and services, its economy is backed by a secure crypto-token, an ecosystem that dedicates all the funding to onboarding users. To create a vast social vision, MetaWaferse has a very packed IGO & IDO Calendar for this month. MetaWaferse is looking forward to its launch across BSC MemePad on the 15th of December, followed by another launch in DAOStarter on the 18th of the same month. Along with these IGO and IDO launches, a few more are scheduled for the month. The platform is surely looking forward to impacting the community with its concept of hospitality.

About the Company

The dedicated team behind the MetaWaferse project comprises accomplished individuals of different nationalities and cultures. While having the same taste of impressive hospitality, the company came with the motive of providing an innovation across the metaverse ecosystem. This is where they were able to come up with the idea of MetaWaferse.

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