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Nakamoto’s Fishpond Releases its Strategic Game Development Plan

Nakamoto’s Fishpond

Nakamoto’s Fishpond realized the wide-scale adoption of NFT gaming across multiple platforms. Worldwide users are looking into unique sources of income, where NFT gaming turned itself into a special use case over the last couple of years. People of all ages indulge in the digital ecosystem and swiftly adopt a game of their choice, out of all the NFT gaming platforms thriving across the ecosystem. Amidst some outperforming games, Nakamoto’s Fishpond came up with its idea of accessing GameFi technology, combining it with a set of exploration games based on fishing across a complete metaverse aligned with NFTs. The essence of designing this game has a lot of factors associated with it. Nakamoto’s Fishpond presented a unique idea of gaming technology within the digital ecosystem, combining it with profitable development plans and goals to make it regarded among the best projects in the industry.

This NFT blockchain game has targeted multiple sectors while keeping up with the existing digital gaming innovations. The team of Nakamoto’s Fishpond came up with the idea of combining the developing trend of GameFi (the combination of Global Gaming and Crypto Assets) with the metaverse. This platform has wholeheartedly accepted the crypto market and its influence. With metaverse outperforming in the current market conditions, the blockchain game combined it with the NFT trend, making it far more advantageous to the users. Considering how effectively Nakamoto’s Fishpond has targeted multiple sectors, this innovation can turn out to be a very profitable option within the pandemic. However, much more makes the complete project extremely special in the existing NFT gaming market.

While binding in-game items with NFTs, the main GameFi track is built across large-scale fish ponds across the chain, which is primarily based on the metaverse. However, the project believes in including 5000 metaverse fish ponds, where each pond shall belong to a single user across the chain. This concept makes a special group of people quite influenced by the gaming operation. As they control the income made through a fish pond, multiple secondary users catch their NFTs across different fish ponds (metaverses) and sell them for profitable revenue. These diverse sources of income make all user investments profitable. Another impressive combination Nakamoto’s Fishpond comes up with is its dedicated P2E (Play-2-Earn) model. This in-game economy is intended to help many users on different scales.

While Nakamoto’s Fishpond makes impressive combinations and influences across their gaming ecosystem, the platform needs consistent growth across various levels. This, in turn, leads to different partnerships, which would be helpful in the overall marketing and PR growth of the platform. KAKA NFT WORLD is the project’s latest partnership that has empowered the overall gaming platform. While understanding how effective this partnership has been, it is very important to be aware of the other party. KAKA NFT WORLD is a competitive gaming ecosystem that provides multiple services across the metaverse blockchain sector. While developing a cross-chain bridge, the project intends to provide unique services to this gaming project which includes R&D, Sales, E-Sports, NFTs, and trading circulation. This partnership is desirably moving towards better management systems, which would help both platforms strengthen their stature across the digital ecosystem.

About Nakamoto’s Fishpond

Nakamoto’s Fishpond is a blockchain game designed under the GameFi technology and powered through the concepts of metaverse and NFTs. This project is initially built with 5000 metaverse-based fish ponds, which shall be distributed and then used for developing revenue for all users involved in the game. The platform believes in utilizing GameFi at the next level and presents a unique approach to NFT gaming.

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