Proleo main logo Announces Partnership With Cryptop Marketing


In today’s fast-paced world, it is increasingly essential for Crypto companies, big and small, to have a reliable partner to help effectively promote crypto projects through the plethora of marketing channels available. Without a supportive community, the project won’t make it very far. is well-positioned to set the crypto stage on fire with its unsurpassable wins and consumable energy recently. Being a leading multi-service digital provider and PR agency in the blockchain world, the company has established its ground through different campaigns and partnerships across the globe. Today, is set to join forces with Cryptop Marketing as they both form a strategic partnership to build their crypto empire. expressed great excitement about the new deal.

Cryptop Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in crypto and blockchain projects. The company is dedicated to boosting a wide variety of projects in the crypto space with a team of growth marketers, creative writers, designers and crypto enthusiasts. Cryptop Marketing has helped big crypto companies grow their organic visitors by 100x through SEO, social engagement, influencer campaigns and Telegram communities across DeFi, NFTs, exchanges, and wallets.

The importance of this collaboration on a long term prospect cannot be overemphasized! This is because the union between the two companies will help them deliver optimum results for their clients. Interestingly, both companies recognize the necessity of on-point marketing in the crypto industry and are focused on building vigorous, productive, and efficient marketing campaigns.

Marketing will be the crucial technique within this initiative, attracting extra structures to collaborate on.’s partnership with Cryptop Marketing is in sync with their aggressive marketing plans to help cryptocurrency, fintech, Nfts, and blockchain projects make effective audience connections.