Proleo main logo Announces Partnership with Solmerians NFT

Solmerians recently announced its partnership with Solmerians NFT, a customizable NFT collection developed on the Solana blockchain. The project provides the digital ecosystem with the unique opportunity to mint and manage tournament NFTs using an impressive customization mechanism. This creative component operates alongside their broader chill-to-earn, P2E model.

Developed on the Solana blockchain, users are provided with 9 different NFT traits with which to mint Solmerians characters. Each trait is represented as a piece of character gear like hats, boots, coats, weapons, etc. Tournaments are hosted on a weekly basis and users build their characters on the Solmerians website, swap out gear, and participate in head-to-head fighting tournaments. Each character can be improved by leveling up NFT traits, a process which occurs automatically by participating in tournaments. Solmerians further allows for buying and selling of the NFT character gear on secondary marketplaces. has partnered with Solmerians NFT to assist with the execution of their go-to-market strategy in the NFT ecosystem. This innovative collection aims to offer engaging design elements and to connect the community as they create, compete, and earn. will help the project build its reach by marketing it within the digital space.

About Solmerian NFT

Solmerians NFT is an NFT collection based on the Solana blockchain. The project is proud to recognize itself as the first chill-to-earn P2E project in the digital space. Solmerians NFT holds weekly 1:1 fighting tournaments and allows users to mint Solmerians whose traits can be refined and developed through these ongoing events.

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