Proleo main logo Announces The Partnership With JPEGvault

JPEGvault is proud to announce its new partnership with JPEGvault, the world’s first recognized cryptocurrency backed by NFTs. Backed by a strong community of investors and builders, JPEGvault provides users with a consistent and exclusive opportunity to avail the major NFTs and metaverse offers. JPEGvault believes in setting up financial inclusivity in the prevalence of NFTs, which would essentially bring a productive use case for NFTs and their existence.

Following the shared ownership and utility for blue-chip NFTs, JPEGvault proudly holds 25+ collections in its observance to bring highly significant adaptabilities to the community. While setting up shared ownership of expensive NFTs across the ecosystem, JPEGvault introduces an exclusive opportunity for all scales of users to be part of projects that are meant for greatness. With a more beneficial system powered by experts and enthusiasts, the platform brings better-scaled deals and options to its user base. The contribution put forth by this project is a validation of its growth across the digital space.

The partnership presented by and JPEGvault is meant for the greatness and supremacy of the digital ecosystem as a whole. Both parties are working towards an exponentiating and propelling growth of crypto and NFTs. believes that the project holds great potential in the current market, and will be working on increasing their visibility and helping them make meaningful connections with the digital community. JPEGvault will definitely be  making waves in the industry.

About JPEGvault

JPEGvault is the first-ever cryptocurrency that is backed by blue-chip NFTs. Built across a consistent collection of NFT and investment, this project is all about providing the user base with an opportunity of being a part of this ever-growing and significant NFT industry. It utilizes its concept of powerful tokenomics and builds up a stronger base by holding every NFT. The project believes in strengthening its hold across the digital ecosystem with a profitable adoption of NFTs, which would also serve as a source of passive income for its users.

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