Proleo main logo’s CEO Hicham Sbaa Announces New Partnership with The Collective

Partnership, a PR agency in the blockchain world, has announced its partnership with The Collective, an ecosystem of crypto marketing services. This partnership is based on putting efforts within the marketing sector to help both companies collaborate and deliver optimum results for their clients.  Both companies recognize the necessity of on-point marketing in the crypto industry and are focused on building strong, productive, and efficient marketing campaigns.

Through this partnership, both companies asprise to build a system focused on helping crypto projects achieve all their goals and objectives within the roadmap. Marketing would be the key technique within this initiative, attracting more platforms to collaborate on.

How does this partnership help the projects individually? hopes to fulfill its vision of being a go-to supplier for PR and digital business solutions in the crypto world. On the other hand, The Collective will build a bigger and better clientele, fulfilling its objective of making an impact within the blockchain ecosystem by putting more projects on the map and guiding them towards success.’s founder & CEO, Hicham Sbaa, has expressed his excitement to have this partnership with the collective, as he strongly believes that the strength of the blockchain ecosystem lies within the collaboration of the digital community. This surely is a huge win for both projects!