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Simian Nodes Announces Its Exclusive Launch of Node dApp and Token to Back Its Passive Income Service

Simian Nodes

Simian Nodes has been preparing their wide scale launch across the digital ecosystem as a one-stop solution for passive income. The passive income obtained through their potential-based farming is backed by a Solid Yield Farming Protocol, lending it added utility. In terms of financial stability, Simian Nodes is a project that understands and strives for it.

This project is powered through the community. However, Simian Nodes also believes that the community is defined by the success of projects in the digital ecosystem. For that reason, Simian exclusively works for users and provides them with a set of functionalities and benefits for being part of digital innovation. There are multiple reasons users should give this project a try. Before launching across the complete ecosystem, Simian Nodes has been working for its community and has successfully built a recurring system that will influence users to return for an even better experience in future.

The possibilities available with their Solid Yield Farming Protocol are infinite for every user. Unlike other platforms, Simian provides its users with a clear path to financial freedom and offers them a source of earnings through DeFi. Profits are not associated with the volatility and conditions of the market; regardless of whether the market is in a bear state, Simian Nodes will proactively book profits for its users and take care of the attending complexities for them. The framework is exclusive to its users and offers every possible opportunity for growth as an investor in the digital market. Simian works to stabilize the financial inflow of its users.

To cater to its Node dApp launch, this platform has created multiple opportunities for the community and its growth. As the profits from the platform are associated with nodes that are purchased and managed by the user, launch of the dApp would secure the process in full and help users manage the system accordingly. With the launch of the SIMIAN token, the project can promise and promote the set of opportunities discussed below. These, however, are not a static offering; if new users wish to become part of the platform, they should act soon.

Currently, Simian Nodes is rolling out a creation bonus of 1.5%, which is also the value of creating a node for 10 SIMIAN tokens. According to the people at Simian, that value will not remain at its present, exclusive rate. As stated, there also are multiple possibilities offered across this digital innovation. It exclusively provides 6% returns to its users, offers bonuses, and helps users become a part of the whitelist for Simian Culture NFT.

If any users are looking to become a part of the system, they are encouraged to find a fully KYC-ed and verified team working for the platform. Simian has also locked the liquidity pool for a full year to manage security risks. Users with Simian Nodes will face a claim tax of 30-40% in the first week to avoid dumps across the project. The work thus far shows that Simian Nodes is moving toward a successful launch of their Node dApp and token.  

About Simian Nodes

Simian Nodes is a digital platform that promises a source of passive income from the Solid Yield Farming protocol system. It operates under a unique NaaS and DaaS protocol system, which helps users book their potential rewards across the platform. The project is currently working on its exclusive launch of the node dApp and tokens, offering profits at an appealing ratio. Make profits regardless of market volatility with Simian Nodes.

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