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Talkaboat Bridging Blockchain and the Entertainment Industry With Earn-To-Consume Technology


Talkaboat is presenting the digital ecosystem with a brand new utility for blockchain technology. To allow the digital innovation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to become newly profitable for a broader range of users, Talkaboat is shifting paradigms in an industry that’s seen stagnant and restricted growth under current monetization systems: entertainment media.

Talkaboat first rolled out its podcast platform on Binance Smart Chain, which is powered by a utility token that gives value to the entertainment content posted across the platform. Understanding the potential range of utility for Talkaboat, which is presented by Aboat Entertainment, its innovators have developed a new ecosystem that combines entertainment with cryptocurrency. Their platform offers a fresh alternative to the traditional monetization of the digital entertainment industry, driving an engagement-based rewards system that would benefit creators as well as the community that consumes their content.

With the hope of creating a new era in social media monetization, Talkaboat is beginning its journey by targeting the current podcast industry. The podcast industry was built around developing new and engaging content, making it a pivotal test case. Talkaboat is offering an impressive model for delivering and highlighting new content to consumers, and, by integrating new monetization options, consumers and creators can both benefit from the innovations of blockchain.

Their platform intends to introduce new ways of earning, discovering, and connecting in the huge yet presently stunted entertainment media industry. Users can now actually earn by sharing content, listening to digital creators, and watching content across the digital space. This not only highlights the potential for the technology, but also provides core interest groups with a framework for linking platforms together.

Shifting existing dynamics in social media and presenting new opportunities for rewarding users shows great potential. This is especially the case with Talkaboat’s native token, the $ABOAT token. Talkaboat will offer its mobile application and native token for wide scale utility in the near future. It will also offer features like a staking model, subscription model, and creator highlighting.

About Talkaboat

Talkaboat is an active content aggregator. It has developed a platform in the blockchain ecosystem that monetizes creators and consumers equally. It has presented multiple use cases for social media by combining crypto with entertainment.

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