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How to Leverage Testimonials for Crypto Marketing

Crypto Marketing

As a crypto company, few things are as rewarding as a customer telling you how much they like your product or service. It makes all the time and effort spent developing it feel worthwhile and can be a major boost to team morale. It certainly is a win for your crypto marketing team.

But what if testimonials from your past or current customers could be more than just a private victory? In reality. Client testimonials can be a major tool to boost your crypto marketing efforts. Here are a few ways that you can leverage them:

  • Display on Your Website 

If a customer gives your product or service a compliment and no one sees it, did it even happen? As much as positive feedback is, well, positive, it is important that other people, especially prospective clients, are made aware of it. One way to do this is to display this positive feedback on your website. 

A classic move would be to quote the testimonial verbatim on your website, along with as much detail as the client is willing to let you share. What could lend the testimonial even more credibility is if it was made on a third-party website like Trustpilot. In that case, quote the testimonial and link back to the original review so customers can see more. Make sure that the testimonial is prominently displayed and not hidden at the very bottom of the webpage. 

More likely than not, your website is the point of purchase for your product or service and seeing visual confirmation that someone else was satisfied with it could be the nudge that customers need. 

  • Use Them on Social Media 

Studies show that most consumers look up a business on social media before they decide to patronize them. Naturally, this means that your crypto marketing efforts have to include online platforms and what better way to show off your testimonials?

The good thing about online content is that it can take so many forms. First, there is written content. You can include testimonial texts in the captions of your social media posts so that they have a wider reach. However, if you want to make the content more engaging, you can opt for audio-visual formats.

Have the text embedded in a picture and share these on social media. People online tend to respond more to images and words and this will make sure that your testimonials are seen. You can also have the text pop up in videos or you can have them read out loud. If you really want to make your content engaging, have customers review your product on camera and give their opinions as they do. 


Crypto Marketing


  • Aggregate Them For Stats 

One of the best ways to advertise your products and services as part of crypto marketing is to use stats. Consider two statements:

‘Many of our customers say that our hardware wallet is the best in the market’ and ‘90% of our customers say that they are satisfied with our hardware wallets.’ The latter is more ‘tangible’ in the minds of consumers and is catchier. 

Using this strategy for your crypto marketing will require some planning even before testimonials come in. Ask customers to rate your product using a 5-star system or simply ask if they are satisfied. Alternatively, you can visit consumer review sites and eCommerce platforms and get stats from there. 

Does your product have 5 stars on Amazon? Do you have a high rating on Trustpilot? Rather than taking text in verbatim from testimonials, try to get stats on customer satisfaction and integrate these into your crypto marketing efforts. 

  • Include in Newsletters 

Email marketing can be a very useful form of crypto marketing as it keeps your business in the minds of existing customers and can build brand loyalty. They can also be a good way to leverage testimonials. 

Consider our previous point about stats. An email newsletter with the subject, ‘90% of our customers love this new hardware wallet’ is one way to grab attention. In the body of the newsletter, you can include direct quotes from other customers who have tried the product or service. If you choose to include stats, consider using visual aids like charts and graphs to drive your point home.

Another idea would be to make the newsletter all about a single customer’s journey with your product or service. Maybe interview them to get an idea of how they found your business and how they enjoy your product or service. By humanising the customer, readers will feel like they are being taken on a journey as opposed to being marketed to outright. 

Either way, testimonials can be a great way to breathe life into your newsletters. 


Crypto Marketing


  • Run a Crypto Marketing Campaign Around Them

One of the most iconic marketing efforts of all time was the Coke vs Pepsi taste test ads. In these ads, consumers were given both Pepsi and Coke in unmarked containers and asked to taste them blindly and say which they liked best. In a nutshell, the campaign was Pepsi broadcasting consumer testimonials on the spot and it is one of the most successful campaigns to date. 

While your company might not sell beverages, your crypto marketing efforts can follow the same philosophy. It could be a series of interviews where customers give live testimonials. It could be a long-term challenge where customers report how the product or service has improved their lives. Either way, your crypto marketing efforts can go out of their way to include customers’ experiences. 

This will not only play up the features of your business but will bring in the ‘human factor’ that your campaigns can benefit from.


Good feedback from customers can be a morale booster as well as a valuable crypto marketing tool. A quote, review, or rating can be turned into several different pieces of marketing content that signal to prospective customers that your business is worth patronizing. Consider some of the options above for your next big crypto marketing campaign. 

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