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How Twitter/X Can Supercharge Crypto Marketing Efforts

Crypto Marketing

While marketing itself is never a one-size-fits-all, crypto marketing is especially complex because of the industry it operates in. From the products and services that are sold to the platforms where they are marketed, the crypto sector changes every other day and businesses within it have to adapt. 

When it comes to crypto marketing, the platform you choose can make or break your efforts and this is something to keep in mind. Also worth noting is the value of Twitter/X specifically in drawing attention to your ongoing marketing efforts and keeping your customer base connected even after they have ended. 

But why is Twitter/X such a good tool for crypto marketers? We break it down in this article:

  • Audience Congregation

Crypto Marketing


The first reason why Twitter/X can supercharge your crypto marketing efforts is that it is a goldmine in terms of audience congregation. Naturally, you want to take your marketing efforts to where your audience already is and when it comes to crypto marketing, your audience is on Twitter/X. 

Among its millions of users is a very engaged crypto community that includes top influencers and executives, closed communities of investors, prominent projects in the space, and everyday investors alike. To get an idea, search the name of any crypto token, whether a giant like Bitcoin or a newer one. Chances are that you’ll be swamped with thousands of accounts dedicated to the subject of crypto and hundreds of thousands of tweets about cryptos. 

There are few places where the crypto crowd congregates more than Twitter/X and crypto marketing efforts that exclude it are missing out. Of course, audience segmentation will be needed even on Twitter as not every community is compatible with every product or service.

Still, Twitter has been pivotal in making crypto as a whole more visible and should be included in any serious crypto marketing effort.

  • Audience Engagement 

Twitter/X is also a powerhouse for crypto marketing because it offers so many avenues for audience engagement. At the end of the day, marketing can and should go beyond posting information about a product and calling it a day. Ideally, a business wants to engage with its audience before, during, and after marketing campaigns to increase loyalty. 

One of the ways that this can be done is through polls. Twitter/X polls can generate instant audience feedback on previous or upcoming marketing efforts and gauge where your audience is at. There are also Twitter/X spaces where company executives and representatives can speak directly to their audience.

Some of the biggest names in the industry like Vitalik Buterin have participated in Twitter/X spaces and they can serve many functions. You can answer questions about the ventures that you are marketing and humanize your brand all at the same time. Depending on how the session goes, your brand could go on to generate buzz long after the space has ended.

Besides these, there is the simple fact that you can tweet at your audience and they can reply in real time. Twitter/X is famous for its multi-channel flow of communication and the fact that conversations can be held seamlessly and this is something to take advantage of.

  • Trend Creation and Crypto Marketing Exposure

When you’re engaging in crypto marketing, you want whatever content you’re putting out (text, audio, video, pictures, etc.) to be seen as widely as possible. Few platforms facilitate the sharing of content quite as seamlessly as Twitter/X. 

Posts can be retweeted by users, which gets them seen by others who might have not seen it initially. The Twitter/X algorithm also shares suggested posts in users’ feeds, which increases the discoverability of marketing efforts. Then there is simply the possibility of going viral. 

Many tokens and projects have found themselves receiving a lot of attention in the industry because they went viral on Twitter/X. Take the rise of Dogecoin, which was aided by the buzz it saw on Twitter/X. The attention it got from Elon Musk (who ironically now owns Twitter/X) on the site back in 2021 was one of the things that took it to the top of the token leaderboard.

Virality is almost always a good thing for crypto marketing and virality can probably be gotten more easily on Twitter/X than anywhere else.

  • Twitter-Native Marketing Strategies

Crypto Marketing

Besides the traditional crypto marketing efforts, the Twitter/X crypto space has developed a number of platform-specific strategies that can take your campaigns to the next level. Giveaways are already an established tactic for crypto marketing but on Twitter/X, this is taken to another level. 

Rather than connecting wallets and hoping to get picked, campaigns on the platform typically have users respond to tweets to express interest. This, in turn, boosts the visibility of said tweet and creates a ripple effect where even those outside of its target market can see it. 

Then there are threads. Long walls of marketing-related texts often turn people off but on Twitter/X, they can get turned into threads which often go viral. From an origin story to valuable insights, a thread can be made on anything and if it resonates with readers, put even more eyes on your marketing efforts. Twitter/X also lets you bypass all this and simply pay for ads that will appear on users’ feeds as they scroll. 

Overall, Twitter/X has platform-specific market strategies that can be applied to future campaigns to ensure the best results.


Crypto marketing efforts are bound to be more successful if they meet their target audience where they are and utilize all the tools at their disposal. Both can be done if you choose to leverage Twitter/X as part of your campaigns.

Not only does Twitter/X have a healthy population of crypto lovers but it is also primed for quality audience engagement and content distribution. Thanks to the tools built into the app and the way the crypto community engages with it, crypto marketing campaigns can be supercharged with Twitter/X. 

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