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How to Leverage CEO Interviews for Crypto Marketing

Crypto Marketing

There are many ways that both your customers and the media will engage with your business, including press releases, crypto marketing materials, and whatnot. At some point, however, both the public and the media will want to speak to your executives. 

This makes a lot of sense as executives can essentially act as the ‘face’ of the company. Think of how we so closely associate Meta and Tesla with their CEOs. If CEO interviews and media interactions are done well, your company can be better endeared to your target market. Here are a few ways to make the most of these interactions: 

  • Get a Good Headline

Crypto Marketing

It’s no secret that consumer attention spans are not what they used to be. In a world of 30-second TikToks and digestible tweets, it is harder to get people to pay attention. In fact, statistics show that most people do not read past the headlines of articles. 

This means that if you’re pursuing crypto marketing with CEO interviews, you’re going to have to leverage this. Every written interview with your CEO that will be published has to have the company name, your CEO’s title/name, and a notable quote/announcement in the title.

An example would be, “Bitcoin will reach $1 million, says CEO of XYZ” or even “XYZ CEO John Doe discusses upcoming expansion.” In both cases, readers are more likely to remember your company’s name and your CEO, plus the expansion/prediction. 

When pursuing crypto marketing efforts, insist on these inclusions as much as you can to get the most benefits. 

  • Get the Important Stuff Out of the Way

We’ve already established that most people don’t read past the headlines. But even those who do tend to ‘skim’ the articles instead and are less likely to read the whole way through. This is partially why press releases start with the gist of the story in the first sentences. 

Apply the same logic to crypto marketing with CEO interviews and have them mention the most important things before the mid-way point of the interview. If your business is launching a new product or rebranding, make sure it is said early enough that those reading will catch it even if they skim. 

This isn’t to say that some of the less important things cannot be discussed but these should ideally be at the end of the article. The last thing that you want is readers getting bored with the small stuff, leaving, and not getting the information you were trying to convey. 

  • Decide on a Crypto Marketing Voice

In the same way that your brand has a ‘voice’, so should your CEO. The public persona of Elon Musk is very different from that of Mark Zuckerberg and customers have come to expect certain things from both the men and the companies they head.

Before you try to leverage CEO interviews for crypto marketing, decide what you want your CEO’s voice to be. Do you want them to be a relatable dreamer who inspires others to root for your company? Do you want them to be a straight-edge type-A who inspires confidence? Do you want them to court controversy?

Decide on what persona you want to project for your CEO and make sure it is in line with the ‘voice’ your business has. If your company is a blockchain designed to do charity work and your CEO courts controversy, it will be confusing for customers and could backfire. 

As with all marketing efforts, make sure there is cohesion and alignment. 

  • Leverage Relatable Platforms and Formats

When we think of CEO interviews for crypto marketing, our minds tend to go to written interviews with financial or blockchain publications. But this discounts the myriad of other formats and platforms that could be useful. For example, many more people consume their news in video and audio format so video interviews and podcast appearances shouldn’t be neglected.

If anything, this helps you further craft the ‘voice’ we’ve previously discussed through tone of speaking, clothing, and whatnot. There are also other options like short videos for social media where your CEO could announce new projects and developments and these will probably be more engaging than your typical announcement. 

Speaking of social media, one common way for crypto and blockchain businesses to market is through live sessions with the community. This is especially popular on Twitter/X given how engaged the community is there. A live session could be a way for customers to get to know both your CEO and business and discuss new developments. 

It is perhaps the most informal ‘interview’ format but can also be the most organic. 

  • All Roads Lead to Your Business

Crypto Marketing

At the end of the day, CEO interviews are not random media engagement but part of crypto marketing and you must keep this in mind. First, make sure that the interviews are also aligned with your business developments time-wise.

If the interview goes viral and has a lot of attention, you should ideally have a new product or service out that customers can rush to purchase. Ideally, the interviews should be well placed within your crypto marketing timeline to support other activities. 

Also, make sure that all engagements and interviews have the business referenced. Videos should have your company logo prominently displayed or your CEO wearing something with the logo on it. Your CEO should always be mentioned as the CEO of XYZ company as opposed to their name alone. All introductions and goodbyes should incorporate your company name and whatever you are promoting should be constantly mentioned.


CEO interviews can be one of the most powerful tools for crypto marketing. You can humanize your brand, strengthen its voice, and promote its products and services in one fell swoop.

At the same time, making the most of it will require certain steps to be taken like creating a consistent ‘voice’ for your CEO, leveraging non-traditional media, and making sure that your business is always at the forefront of these efforts. 

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