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The Top 5 Social Media Sites For NFT Marketing

NFT Marketing

While NFTs were perhaps at their most publicly visible a few years ago, the space is still well and thriving, with millions of dollars in transaction volume recorded every day. As a business in the blockchain space, you’ll find that now is just as good of a time as any to launch an NFT collection and leverage NFT marketing to bring it to the passionate community of those who buy these assets. 

The question arises, however, of what platforms to market on. It is always important to meet your audience where it is at and this is true of NFTs as well. Currently, here are the best social media sites for NFT marketing. 

  • Twitter/X: 

Twitter/X is a great platform for blockchain marketing as a whole but especially for NFT marketing. This is because the site has a committed and established NFT-loving community. A quick search of NFTs will show endless discussion threads of which collections are promising and which aren’t. As such, it is the perfect place to not just market an NFT project to but also to get real-time community engagement and feedback on the collection. 

Collections that have gone viral on Twitter/X have often gone on to sell out and tapping properly into the community also means gaining credibility. On top of this, Twitter/X offers several avenues for marketing such as in-feed ads, ad breaks in threads, live spaces, communities, and much more. 

This means that NFT marketing on Twitter/X should go beyond just giving details like names and launch dates. These efforts should go out of their way to emphasise the value of the assets and their commitment to the community. 

NFT Marketing

  • Telegram Groups for NFT Marketing: 

Telegram is an encrypted app that was practically made for fostering communities. Take a look at any major crypto, blockchain, or NFT project and chances are that they have an official Telegram channel. This is because Telegram channels are a way to communicate with your audiences at once and keep them engaged with your project development. Some of these blockchain-based communities foster a great deal of trust with their members and a single group can have tens of thousands of people ready to buy whatever asset is recommended to them. 

Telegram also offers trading bot features which let users automatically buy and sell assets at will. Thus, by creating your own Telegram group or tapping into an existing one, you can not only get thousands of eyes on your project but also a myriad of people who are looking to buy digital assets and can do so more easily. While cultivating this sort of community from scratch takes some time and effort, Telegram remains a valuable place for NFT marketing efforts. 

  • Reddit:

Reddit is another great platform for NFT marketing for a few reasons. First, there is a subreddit for virtually every topic, including NFTs of every type and niche. Also, just like Telegram, the communities on Reddit are very tight-knit and responsive so it is a great place to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns. Reddit has proven to be a major opinion leader in the NFT space and if a collection finds favour with the Reddit crowd, it can more easily take off among NFT lovers as a whole. 

NFT marketing on Reddit can take on several forms. You can pay for traditional feed ads that will be shown to those who are already interested in NFTs. You may also opt to post about your collection in relevant subreddits or even start your own. This way, you can engage directly with the community and gain their support as organically as possible. And, as we’ve seen with incidents like the Gamestop Saga, an invigorated Reddit community can turn the tide in favour of any project. 

  • Instagram: 

A lot of NFTs are appealing not just because of the resale value or the perks they unlock but also because of the images attached to them. Ask the average person to picture an NFT and they’ll probably imagine a cartoon ape or pixelated person. Many amazing pieces of art have been sold as NFTs so it is clear that the visuals matter.

If you are planning to market that sort of NFT, it would make sense to leverage the most image-centric platform on the internet. Instagram not only lets you post images but features like carousels can be used to showcase entire collections in one go. While users cannot directly buy NFTs off the platform anymore, you can post links in bios, run feed ads, and add links to Instagram stories to drive sales. 

If you are looking to sell NFTs based on visuals, Instagram is one site that must be included in your NFT marketing plans. 

  • Discord: 

Discord is a great platform to both build community and spread the word about an upcoming NFT project. Having a Discord server is essentially a requirement for blockchain projects trying to make a name for themselves and through it, they can communicate with their customer base, spread the news about new developments, offer incentives, organize airdrops, and much more.

A Discord, if well managed, can be a way to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer base even outside of NFT marketing campaigns. You can hear in real-time how they feel about the campaign, hold polls, have closed community discussions and much more. In this sense, Discord goes beyond an NFT marketing tool and is an essential platform for running a successful NFT project long-term.

NFT Marketing


NFT marketing is one of the most unique types of campaigns you can run because it operates in a very dynamic and unpredictable space. No one yet knows what causes certain collections to gain traction with NFT lovers but we do know that those who buy NFTs tend to congregate on certain apps.

As we’ve outlined above certain platforms are a must if you plan to run an NFT marketing campaign to achieve the best results.


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